FIFA 22: The Summer StarsKasper Dolberg SBC Solutions is a Swedish business consulting

The Summer Stars roster for FIFA 22 is even better! The Danish team has been one of the most surprising combinations of this tournament.

The Summer Stars roster for FIFA 22 is even better! The Danish team has been one of the most surprising combinations of this tournament, reaching the semi-finals before being eliminated by the England team. Kasper Dolberg is the star of Denmark's outstanding performance, and he was awarded a highly upgraded card as a result.

EA has significantly enhanced all of Dolberg's abilities, including his speed (+20), dribbling (+16), shooting (+16), physicality (+16), passing (+19), and defending (+15). When you include this new card, it is compared to his 79-rated gold version.


His statistics are generally favorable, with a defensive rating of only 44. In addition, he possesses four-star skill moves and has shaky feet. The engine chemistry style will improve his dribbling (+4), pace (+4), and passing (+14) abilities, allowing him to maximize his multiple skills such as sprint speed, vision, and curve.

This SBC costs approximately 76,400 FIFA 22 Coins on PlayStation 4, 83,350 FUT coins on Xbox, and 94,800 FUT coins on PC. This card's price is reasonable when you consider his statistics and the strong connections he can form with amazing cards such as What If Lees-Melou, who is rated 88, FUT Birthday Atal, who is rated 87, and other legendary players from Denmark.

FIFA 22 continues to add new content to the Ultimate Team, this time in the form of a showdown SBC, which comes just two days before England takes on Italy in the 2020 European Cup final. Players can now complete a series of challenges in order to win England's Declan Rice or Italy's Jorginho for their ultimate team in FIFA 22.


Jorginho, on the other hand, has 90 core attributes in passing, dribbling, defense, and physicality, while his 89 core attributes in pace and shooting barely meet this standard. Jorginho also received some outstanding ratings below the top level, including a perfect 100 for Ball Control, Standing Tackle, Stamina, Short Passing, Inerceptions, Long Passing, and Aggression.

RequirementsThe SBC Declan Rice Showdown

Declan Rice, on the other hand, has only one core attribute that exceeds 90 points, thanks to his volley and free throw ratings of only 70, as well as a single free kick accuracy rating of 70, which reduces his passing FIFA 22 Coins to just 90 points.

Showdown between Jorginho and Rice in FIFA Ultimate TeamSBC is without a doubt worthwhile. Both players have 94 and 2 chances of upgrading if they win their respective teams. SBC is also reasonably priced; I mean, the 156k of a 94 or eventually 96 ZM is almost a joke. It is impossible to predict whether Italy or England will win the World Cup. You must decide for yourself which country you believe to be the stronger. 


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