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This isn't what I believe David Montgomery's rating should be. This is more about Madden 22 coins the strength of his last season's results and what can be gleaned from it. David Montgomery had a nice late 80s-early 90s 2020 season in my opinion. The most runner in the rankings at number 10, is Joe Mixon at 88 overall. Christian McCaffery was ranked as the top running back with just 97 overall.

It is impossible to predict what Madden ratings will look like. Plenty of circumstances were at play to bring out Montgomery's ongoing performance. He has amazing NFL intangibles for a running back. He only improved as the season advanced. At the end of Week 11 BYE, his total was 598 yards, and scored seven of his eight touchdowns. The offense expanded as he progressed. Yet, he keeps being disrespected.

David Montgomery was a great campaigner. He was able to make a variety of offensive adjustments. He was prone to contact by shuffled offensive lines. In addition there were many times when the offensive game strategy didn't work for the Chicago Bears. In all of this, Montgomery still posted sixth in rushing (1,070) and was third in tackles broken (29).

There are elite running backs that made it to the top 10 of what's known as a pass-through league. Derrick Henry cracked the 2,000-yard mark on the ground in the last season. Christian McCaffery, Alvin Kamara and Alvin Kamara both see a lots of rushing and passing -- they're worthy of be among the top 10. We may see David Montgomery among those who have a 90+ score after the season's updates are over. He certainly deserves to be there.

Montgomery's value is simple to understand if you provide him with the ball and watch him perform. His reliability will see him coming out the gate with great expectations. We'll keep an eye on the clock as progresses to see if Montgomery's rating will show. These discussions will continue due to the debate surrounding players that merit higher ratings. Are he really among the likes of Josh Jacobs, Ezekiel Elliott (at the moment in his career) and buy Mut 22 coins Joe Mixon?


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