2K has been repeatedly plagued with glitches

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Player Creation Menu - The creation menus for Nba 2k22 Mt MyPlayers is pretty sparse. There are only a handful of choices for things like the color of your eyes, skin tone, and lips. I would love to see more options within the design suite. I want my persona to be to stand out from others. Female MyPlayers - The WNBA joined NBA 2K last year, and it performed well. It was refreshing to play against completely different teams. My next suggestion was inspired by the popularity of WNBA.

There should be an option to create the female MyPlayer with their own distinct career mode. It could be cool to watch 2K Sports write a story that a female college basketball player is able to break out and is drafted into the WNBA.

A second MyCareer story would keep the game fresh for longer as there is plenty of content to the viewers. 2K Sports could use this model to further refine their storytelling. 2K Sports tend to be uninformed about the story's plot and major themes. A WNBA story can afford to explore different concepts without being preachy or condescending.

It is possible to tell a tale of a female athlete overcoming the odds without sounding corny or misleading. This is a common story for women athletes. Animations - The gameplay in NBA 2K is solid. It's enjoyable, but it can also be challenging if you have the right difficulty. 2K has been repeatedly plagued with glitches and broken animations for several years. Broken animations are a major issue that has been a problem for 2K for the last three decades at least. This can be extremely frustrating.

The issues usually happen from the defensive portion of the floor. Stealing isn't a good option in NBA 2K. There is likely that the ball can become invisible. It is impossible to steal the ball from the AI once it has been covered up. This results in unfair play because AI-controlled teams do not have to mt for sale 2k22 worry about these issues. These issues should be addressed by 2K Sports developers. I'm sure these errors being addressed will improve the quality of gameplay.


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