WoW Classic Hunter DPS Pets Guide

Taming pets can be quite dangerous. Casting pets could be risky. It is best to get assistance from a friend to keep the animal safe and reduce its speed using Concussive Shot icon Concussive Shot

On this page, you'll learn about the Pets system that is available to Hunters in WoW Classic. Also, you will discover how to obtain the most effective pets and make them work efficiently.

1. Foreword

The Hunter's most adored tool is their pet. You can get the quest at Hunter level 10, which will teach you how to tame an animal. After you've completed the quest you'll be able explore the world and train any pet you would like and allow the pet to join you in combat.

2. Taming Pets as an Hunter

Taming pets can be quite dangerous. Casting pets could be risky. It is best to get assistance from a friend to keep the animal safe and reduce its speed using Concussive Shot icon Concussive Shot, or to have the Freezing Trap icon Freezing Trap in place before time to freeze the cast as you cast Tame Beast Icon Tame Beast.

3. Hunter Pet Classification

Pets are divided into various families based on their type like boars, cats, or spiders. Each of the pet families also falls into one of three categories: offensive, defensive, or general. As you might expect, offensive pets do more damage and suffer more injuries. Defense pets do less damage, but suffer more injuries. General pets have a better balance. Based on their specific categories, each family has its own modifiers to improve their health, armor and damage. Below are the modifiers for any possible pet families.

Some pets also have special capabilities, such as the Furious Howl of wolves. These can be very useful abilities to have and it is worth having one such pet in case you ever need that ability.

4. Recommendations for Hunters' Pets.

It is important to have two different abilities to level. If your pet has only one ability, such as the crab that only has Claw, you are losing out on the possibility of danger and damage of your pet. There are many options for cats (Bite and Claw), birds (Claw and Skreech) Raptors, raptors (Bite and Claw), and bears ("Bite and Claw") depending on where you're at the start of your journey.

At Level 60, you will be able to choose more pets to make. You don't have to keep one pet. You can make use of the stable for your pets, then pick a pet that is ideal for the environment. You should have two cats and a wolf to fight PvE.

4.1 Wolf

Vanilla pets do not succumb easily from dungeon or raid mechanics, unlike the later versions of WoW. You might need to ensure that your pet's active during your absence to ensure it doesn't get killed. Since they are able to cast Furious Rage to increase your damage , and also boost you and your friends, wolves are a great pet to be left on a passive.

4.1.1 4.1.1.

Lupos is one of the rare Wolf species located within Duskwood. In Vanilla WoW Lupos was the most effective pet to deal damage due to his auto attacks caused Shadow damage, rather than Physical damage. Because they dealt magic damage it meant that Lupos's attacks could be used against armor. But, Lupos was changed in Patch 1.9 to not cause Shadow damage, and isn't a good option in WoW Classic, since it is scheduled to be patched in Patch 1.12.

4.2. Cat

Cats are among the most destructive pets, but they also possess the best attack speed. They are a great choice for PvE, leveling, as well as PvP-related content. They can be very dangerous when it comes to raids or dungeons. They have to be attacked from the melee range and are susceptible to being killed by mechanics. Cats are one of the best pets for leveling because of their speedy attack speed, their high damage modifier, and their two main attacks.

4.2.1. Brokentooth

Brokentooth is a unique cat found in Badlands, and one of the most sought after pets available in WoW Classic for Hunters. Brokentooth has the highest attack speed of any pet in WoW Classic for Hunters. Other pets, like dogs and cats also have 1.2 or higher attack speed. This makes Brokentooth the perfect pet for PvP against the casters.

4.3. Wind Serpent

Lightning Breath is the only combat pet with a range that can be used by Wind Serpents. They are great when your pet is required to strike something but you don't want to get too close. You will need to tame the Son of Hakkar to get Zul'Gurub. They are the only serpents who have rank six in Lightning Breath.

5. Hunter Pet Attack Speeds

The speed at which pets attack is quite important. There are many variations in their attack speeds and even within families. It's worth looking for pets you wish to tame, in case you require a specific speed of attack. An attack that is faster is usually superior. The total damage isn't affected by attack speed however, if your pet only has an average of 2.5 second attack speed and fails to hit the first strike then you're likely to be able to draw threat, and take longer to get threat back. Casters benefit by having faster attack speeds because every hit can push back their casts. For PvP, you almost always want a pet with the fastest possible attack speed, which is typically cats.

6. 6.

Pets can learn skills just like Hunters. They fall into two categories: active and passive abilities. The majority of passive skills you'll learn from a trainer for pets, usually found next to the Hunter trainer. However active abilities can be learned by training animals to be tame with the capability. This is also true for the new abilities. If you want to learn Claw Rank 2, you might want to master the Encrusted Crawler on the west shoreline, if you're working towards leveling in Durotar. Once you have tamed an animal that has the new skill or level you desire and need to make your pet utilize that skill before teaching it to your other pets. It may take a while, so it is a good idea to allow your pet to fight foes and then use the new ability to accelerate the process. Once your pet has learned enough about this ability and has mastered it, it can be added to your menu of training. However, there are restrictions like Bite being inaccessible to Crabs. Therefore, it's important to decide ahead of time which type of pet you'd like to have and the abilities you would like to see it possess.

Once you've successfully tamed a pet with capabilities you would like to impart to it then you can access the spellbook's Beast Training ability to open the menu of training. It will display an inventory of all the spells available, which will include the new skill. It is necessary to invest some of your pet's training points (TP) to help teach it. Your pet's training points function in the same way as talent points. As your pet grows up, it gains more. The loyalty of your pet can affect your training points. The total amount of points for training is calculated by using (pet level) * (loyalty level 1).

6.1 Pet Passives

Training points can be removed at any point. You can gain passives and skills and retrain your pet. It is important to plan ahead for the kind of damage that you can expect and what you'll be doing when raid content is available. Some of the more important pets' passives are those that resist, which lower the damage that your pet is likely to suffer against specific types of. For instance, when using Molten Core, you should always set the maximum Fire Resistance and Shadow Resistance for your pet.

7. Pet Happiness and Loyalty

There are three different moods that your pet could be in: happy or content. Your pet should always to be content, since their mood affects the damage they do. Happy pets deal +25% damage, Content pets deal normal damage, and unhappy pets deal -25% damage. Pets who are unhappy are also at danger of running away if they remain unsatisfied for too long.

To keep your pet happy to keep it happy, feed it well. A face icon is located near your pet's health bar. It displays the current state of mind of your pet. A smile that is green indicates happiness, while a yellow face is a sign of contentment and a red frown is a sign of sadness. You should always feed your pet when you observe it cease to be satisfied. Based on the species of their pets, they consume meat, bread, and fruits. To feed them, utilize the ability to feed pets on a food item in your inventory, for example feeding boar to your cat. Pets are attracted to certain kinds of food according to their type and breed, and you can utilize the Beast Lore Icon Beast Lore ability in the game to determine the type of food your pet would eat.

It is essential to keep your pet happy because it increases their trust. There are six loyalty levels that begin at level 1 of loyalty the moment you begin to train a pet. To increase your pet's loyalty, you must have the pet summoned while killing enemies. It is possible to raise the level of loyalty to 6 if you keep it around for enough time. The higher your loyalty level higher, the more easy it will be to ensure that your pet is satisfied and well-fed and also increase its total training points.

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