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Talents are among the core character systems in World of Warcraft, giving players the option to customize their character by choosing different capabilities.

In this guide, we will explain how all Havoc Demon Hunter talents work and which are the top Havoc Demon Hunter talent builds that you can use in Patch 9.1 Chains of Domination and Shadowlands Season 2, including special content such as Raids and Mythic+. We will also outline the top uses of each talent so you can choose the most appropriate talent for any scenario, and also the top Honor Talents to use while enjoying the bonuses from War Mode.

Be aware that to switch the abilities of your character it is necessary to be in a non-combat state or be in a rested zone, such as a major city, inn, or have the effects of Tome of the Still Mind or Codex of the Still Mind.

Your rotation might be affected by various options for talent that are listed in this guide, and there are explanations for every possible rotation on our Havoc Demon Hunter rotation page.

Mythic+ and Raiding will require you to have distinct skills. Find out more about these combinations below, and more details on when you can use each of them in our Havoc Demon Hunter Raiding and Mythic+ pages.

Havoc Demon Hunter and PvP are different in their priorities for abilities. You can learn more about PvP using your Havoc Demon Hunter in our Havoc Demon Hunter PvP Guide.

Looking for a quick Havoc Demon Hunter build? This build is the one for you! If you're seeking something that is more specific, like raiding or Mythic+ Dungeons, take a look at the other builds below.

Talent Overview

Tier 1 Talents (Level 15) for Havoc Level 15 Talents for Havoc

Blind Fury: Extremely good talent, which boosts one of our best abilities by 50% while generating a lot of Fury.

Demonic Appetite was affected by the Chaos Strike refund change in BFA. The fragment generation is pretty regular.

Felblade is a moderate-damage weapon that also produces a lot of Fury. This skill is very competitive and makes the feel more complete.

Tier 2 Talents (Level 25 25, 25) for HavocDH

Insatiable Hunger: A basic talent, Demons Bite generates up to 10 additional Fury per cast.

Burning Hatred is a brand new talent which is a clone of the Immolation talent. The Fury generation with added DPS is similar to other options, but it also has an extra cleave.

Demon Blades Demon Blades is a replacement for your Demon’s Bite ability. It replaces it with a Demon's Bite-like attack that is triggered by your auto attacks. This ability functions in amazing harmony with the Windfury Totem, which not only boosts damage, but also increases fury generation.

Tier 3 Talents (Level 30) for Havoc Level 30 Talents for Havoc

Trail of Ruin is another simple talent: Every when you Blade Dance, you also apply DoTs to your target.

Unbound Chaos: A former Azerite trait which was removed from the beginning of BFA and later changed. This talent plays into the core promise of Havoc being a fast paced mobile melee spec that works perfectly. Make sure you look around when playing this talent so you don't Rush into bad stuff or your biggest enemy ... the edge of platforms.

Glaive Tempest Glaive Tempest: Another ability is back: this time it's the return of the Legion Artifact ability. It's very easy to manage and use.

Havoc DH Talents Level 35 Talents Tier 4

Soul Rending: The most valuable benefit of this talent is the 10% leech passive it provides, reducing the strain on healing and making you more sturdy . It's always good to possess this ability!

Desperate Instincts is an amazing talent due to a number of reasons. The added damage reduction that comes with the already powerful Blur is incredible, as well as the second part of the spell that will automatically start when you fall below 35%.

Netherwalk: Who doesn't love immunity? It also makes it impossible to take on the player who is active. It's especially helpful for raids that block damaging sources, and to ignore certain mechanics of encounters.

Talents of Tier 5 (Level 40) for Havoc Level 40 Talents for Havoc

The Cycle of Hatred The Cycle of Hatred: This ability is simple once more. Eye Beam's cooldown will be reduced by every Chaos Strike refund. This skill will mostly be suited to high haste builds using Unbound Chaos. More procs = more Eye Beam means a higher chance of gaining Furious Gaze = more Haste = lower cooldown for Immolation aura. Unbound Chaos damage. This talent can completely remove Blade Dance out of the game.

First Blood: Same the old First Blood; no changes from the talent we all loved from Legion, reducing the cost of Blade Dance and increasing its damage to your primary victim.

Essence Break Essence Break is a nice upgrade to the previous version Dark Slash. To increase the number of Chaos Strikes and Blade Dances that you are able to use within the buff window ensure that you've got enough Fury to store before you activate this talent.

Havoc DH Talents for Tier 6 (Level 45).

Unleashed power Unleashed power: This is a similar talent as the rest of the first column. Reduces the cooldown , and also removes the AoE stun's fury cost. Very good for M+ specifically.

Master of the Glaive: This skill will find niches in which it can shine, however beyond those instances when a snare absolutely required, this talent isn't very strong.

Fel Eruption is still an acceptable talen -- it's damage isn't too bad. Unleashes Power is probably the most powerful ability, though it is typically as a one-time attack stun.

Tier 7 Talents (Level 50) for Havoc Level 50 Talents for Havoc

Demonic: A strong talent if you require bursts every 30 seconds; good in AoE , too. Very strong synergy with Blind Fury that cannot be overlooked.

Momentum: A strong ability, but it is difficult to optimize. It requires strong spatial and time-awareness, which is exclusive to Havoc. Highly effective on many targets as the modifier it uses is applied to all damage you deal.

Fel Barrage is a strange location to locate this talent in the form of a replacement for Nemesis. This is essentially an untapped talent in this row, unless it is buffed so that it can't be ignored.

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