Rare items that are difficult to obtain in Animal Crossing

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ACNH has always been a game about exploration, farming, and collecting. According to the game settings, players can obtain many different items in the game. Players can choose the items they want according to their preferences. But not all items can be easily obtained, and rare items are also difficult to obtain. There are even some things that you can't buy with Animal Crossing Bells. This may make the player feel incredible, but it is indeed a rare item.

Desktop computers are rare items sold in Nook's Cranny store. This computer has a variety of colors. It can be black, silver, white or pink. If players want their colors, players can choose Buy Nook Miles from the ACBellsBuy website to customize their rare items. Players can choose a color they like according to their preferences. I prefer silver.

In Nook's Cranny, the grand piano is a rare item. Unfortunately, the color of the grand piano cannot be changed at will. In reality, we need to spend a lot of money and time to learn the piano. But it's easy in the game. Because you can play the piano and make a realistic sound.

Golden rose garlands are very rare in ACNH. Because golden roses need to be planted according to a certain formula. The predecessor of the golden rose requires a hybrid of different colors such as black and white to be produced. To make golden roses bloom in their garden, players can choose Buy ACNH NMT to cross-plant golden roses. And not every production is successful. But once the golden rose is successfully made, the golden rose garland can bring us luck.

The crown belongs to the list of the most valuable items in Animal Crossing. Very rare. Crowns are also very rare in real life. Only real princesses can wear it. This is also one of my favorite projects. Every girl has a princess dream. Owning a crown is the beginning of happiness. The price of this crown should be priceless. The Royal Crown is the ultimate bourgeoisie of ACNH. Who owns the crown is a symbol of identity and wealth.


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