Animal Crossing: How the New Horizons DLC works

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The upcoming Animal Crossing: New Horizons introduces DLC Happy House Paradise. This time is a new holiday house design. The designer also adds a lot of decorations to the players' daily work. The game's first paid DLC will add many game mechanics to the Animal Crossing experience. The player is working on a separate island, designing resorts for the islanders.

DLC can realize the player's design dream. And the player can also control so many things at will. Learning skills are very important to every villager's dream. Players can create an immersive experience by using various objects that the animal crosses. If players need more experience, they can browse the ACBellsBuy website and choose Buy ACNH Island Designs. The rewards obtained in the game can also be exchanged for furniture and other goodies.

After purchasing and installing the DLC, players may notice that there is no change on their main island. Players need to talk to Orville of Dodo Airlines to start the tour of Loti Resort. After Lottie introduces himself and the role of the designer, players will walk through the entrance of the resort to look for potential applicants. They will interview the islanders to see what kind of decoration they want. Finally, I visited the house and began to decorate the interior and exterior.

After selecting the location to customize from Happy Home. The first task of the player is generally the task of placing furniture. Very easy to complete.  Each theme has some necessary furniture to choose from. Players can also choose Buy Animal Crossing Island Designs to customize their furniture. In addition, you can use wallpapers, soundscapes, lighting, and more furniture options to add personal style.

The size of the house is variable, and DLC adds many new appearances to the village where the animals cross. Happy Home Paradise added the function of building wall partitions to divide the room into smaller partitions. After interior decoration and furniture placement, the outdoor area will also be customizable. In addition to placing furniture outside, there are also ways to build fences and plant trees. If everything is not perfect the first time you try, players don't have to worry. because they will always be able to remodel the house in the future.


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