I believe this would also benefit 2k

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Remove all ability to alter settings, maybe even the ability to choose the precise play that's called. This should be controlled with the combination of participant selected, coach selected and playbook. I believe that this will result in all sorts of team assembles for specific play styles. The issue with NBA 2K MT Coins for years has been lose or play with the META. This should be self explanatory but essentially we shouldn't have to alter each time we are loading in to a game.

Keep place locks, but also make it even more rigid. I think the biggest example of this I can find is 2k seem to just provide players a secondary place based on height. This ought to be based off what the players have played. A good instance of this could be a younger durant may play SF and SG however he wouldn't be too elite as a prime durant who'd play SF or PF. He wouldn't be as dominant as giannis who has not played PG although a PG giannis could be released by them. That's it. Game mode fixed. Non of these would require any game engine modifications since they are just simple limitations. I believe this would also benefit 2k since they would have the ability to discharge more cards, such as multiple cards of the identical player with a different tier or standing.

I will apologize now bcuz I am sure it has been brought up but it's among the most infuriating game mechanisms and for me personally pretty much have been ruining the game for me for years now but we want full control over whether or not we go up for a dunk or a layup. Nothing other than control is unacceptable. Obviously if you are extremely short than there should be a cut off for having the ability to dunk and maybe if you are just a terrible dunker than that I could live with how the machine is currently but when I'm a pure slasher, that I usually make one annually bcuz they was how I would have fun and get a rest from only shooting 3s before the last couple years, but I should not not know what my player is gonna go for when I go to get a dunk.

Ever. 2k19 and 2k20 have exhausted my level of patience on those animations in the game, but regarding dunking I'd rather move the rod to go up for a dunk and get completely shutdown or whiff the dunk if I'm forcing it just like back in 2k18 any day Vs what we have now where you don't understand what cartoon youre gont get. Not bragging but I can dunk in real life and I'd imagine that the pros can say the same but when I am play a real game of ball or anytime for that matter, at not point have I ever wanted to go up with it and thought when I am about to perform a layup or dunk it Buy NBA 2K MT. Can't tell you how many times I have seen or been the one who got blocked or did the block when a player in the pain has his man beat or pump fake and get the defenders to leap and then the player that pump faked, Needs to unless theres an 3.