And while Jacob has always been an assists machine

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And while Jacob has always been an assists machine, this season has seen him amp up his own scoring — it's common to see his car's giant foam cowboy hat soaring above the pitch to nail some ridiculous shot. "Since Garrett is now on the team, it adds an extra layer of protection in our defense that we didn't have before — so Jacob feels more free and comfortable being aggressive on attack," explains Fireburner. Adds Jacob, "I've been hitting my nutty plays slightly more often, but other than that, I feel like I haven't changed."

Fireburner's role as captain has played an important role behind the scenes, too, as he helps keep emotions in check during tense matchups. "Having a captain like Fire has helped me a lot this season," admits GarrettG. "I used to have so much pressure on me that certain days, I really couldn't handle it. Having someone to calm me down and keep my morale up has made me a lot more comfortable playing in high-pressure situations."

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