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When comparing portable air conditioner options, you'll notice two different exhaust types, each with their own unique benefits. To do so, a window air conditioner uses its compressor to turn refrigerant into a hot high-pressure gas. The gas then passes through the condenser coil when it's turned into a liquid that travels over the evaporator coil to absorb the heat and cool down the air. The warm air is then exhausted out of your home with the back of the air conditioner while cooled air is blown into the room.

The factor in fluctuations of the ambient heat the room receives, like the bedroom which gets hit with sunlight or kitchen area where the oven or cookers used, will also be taken into consideration. These may raise the heat level and in that case, you have to choose a higher BTU’s while purchasing this portable AC. High Efficiency Rotary Compressor – The built-in accumulator in the compressor will deliver maximum cooling with less power consumption. Room Size and BTU’s Needed – Consider the size of the room which the portable AC cools.

This AC unit features a motorized internal swing system that creates an oscillation effect and broadens the air circulation range, allowing the cool air to distribute evenly within the room. The Hessaire MC37M comes with a dial for the fan speeds as well as a handful of simple buttons for power, pump, and oscillation.

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