Cleaning Tips: How to Clean Your Rattan Furniture

As with any furniture and upholstery, outdoor furniture will also need cleaning and maintaining. While all garden Outdoor Rattan Set should be cleaned before

As with any furniture and upholstery, outdoor furniture will also need cleaning and maintaining. While all garden Outdoor Rattan Set should be cleaned before and after winter, the material will generally dictate how frequently you need to clean it. This step-by-step guide works for all kinds of garden furniture and will ensure you get sparkling results every time.

To Clean Synthetic Wicker Furniture

Once upon a time, I did own lots of real wicker! It was comfortable and forgiving, and it looked great on my three-season sunroom. The reason that I began upgrading to synthetic (resin or PVC) woven furniture is that I transitioned to needing dedicated outdoor pieces, and synthetic was so much easier to clean.

Woven synthetic furniture is simply easier to wash down than natural wicker. Bird droppings, pollen, and weather don’t do as much damage to the woven finish. However, while rain helps to keep build-up at bay, it's never completely washed clean underneath chairs or between the overlapping weave. Plan a soapy deep clean once-a-month, and your outdoor furniture will be ready for any impromptu gathering.

Start by dusting the furniture with a bristled brush, especially the back, legs, and underneath area, which tend to collect dust out of plain sight.

Next, use a sponge dipped in soapy water to treat the surface. Scrub tough spots, such as pesky bird droppings. Don't be wary about being a little tough on the weave; unlike real wicker, you can use some elbow grease.

Next, rinse the chair with a hose. Spray at different angles to cleanse dirt and pollen that collects in the weave.

General Wicker Cleaning

Remove any cushions and clean them separately, according to the manufacturer’s instructions, as proper care varies by fabric type.

Regular dusting with a soft cloth, microfiber duster, or feather duster helps keep any type of wicker looking great.

For heavier dust, use a small soft-bristled paintbrush; to remove dirt from those crevices where wicker meets the furniture frame, switch to an old toothbrush.

Regularly clean wicker furniture with the brush attachment of your vacuum, being sure to set the suction to its lowest level to avoid causing damage.

Wicker pieces need a more thorough cleaning once or twice a year. Moisten a microfiber cloth or terry towel (or even a clean sock) with warm water, then gently rub the wicker surface, top and bottom.

For heavier dirt and stains, wipe with a cleaning cloth that’s been lightly moistened with warm water and mild soap; wipe again with plain water.

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